Food Pantry

Regarding Sr. Helen’s Food Pantry... this ministry is now suspended indefinitely. We have tried
to re-open the pantry with decreased operations, but a number of factors are really preventing
our ability to do that.

As you know, we have had to reduce staff and cut hours, even laying people off, because of
the impact of Coronavirus. So economics is a big factor.

Our volunteers are willing, but many are in the risk group based on age or medical conditions,
so it is not safe to have them resume the operation.

We have prioritized Worship and Faith Formation right now as we try to get back in operation
as a parish. But that unfortunately means that other things have to be placed on hiatus or set
aside for now.

Our focus has to be on the Church at this challenging time, but we look forward to the day
when we can expand our ministries again.

I can’t promise what tomorrow will bring or how and when we might be able to once again
operate a food pantry. We are doing our best to serve the needs of parishioners under these
extraordinary conditions.

Please note: We are not taking pantry donations of any kind right now since the prospect of
re-opening that ministry is so undetermined. Donors have been informed of this situation by
mail where possible.